I’m from Chicago and I sit at my desk making things look really nice. I want to make things look nice for the rest of my life. It is what I do. I am self-taught. I am looking to make what you want to look nice, look nice. Contact me and I’ll do it. I am obsessed with nip/tuck, the office, and reno 911. I love music. It is my first love. I have to have music all around me where ever i go. I don’t like ugly things as much as beautiful things

Name: Nigel Evan Dennis
Website: www.electricheat.org
Age: 21
Nationality: American, German, Irish

Whom is it useful what you do?
It is useful to me of course because I am doing what I love to do. Alot of people enjoy my work. I also enjoy that. I like people to enjoy my work. It benefits me because it helps me pay the bills and keeps me happy.

Which is your favourite season?
My favorite season is for sure fall. Its fall here in the states and it is great. All the colors and the chilly weather. Its wonderful.

Does it coincide with your most productive period?
I’m not quite sure. I’ve only been freelancing for about…10 months. This is my first autumn..haha…but yes, i’ve gotten great work this season.

Blondes or dark hair girls?
Ummm, dark.

What do you do to pay your lease?
Well fortunately, I don’t have to. Not yet at least. I am planning on spreading my wings and leaving my nest of a home soon. I have supportive parents who are there for me.

What time do you get up in the morning?
8:00 am every day.

What kind of music do you prefer listening?
Well, i listen to alot. Alot of indie stuff (Blonde Redhead, The Autumns, These Arms Are Snakes)…alot of electronic (Autechre, DNTEL, Radian, Aphex Twin)…some heavy stuff (Scarlet, Remembering Never, Zao)…my taste is very very eclectic. I love alot of music.

What do you think about politics?
I don’t get too into because i don’t believe i am educated enough. But of course, in the states, it is a huge deal.

What do you think about planet Earth?
I think earth is beautiful. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to Europe. I’ve seen Scandinavia. Its great because it reminds me that I am not the most important person in the world. haha. anyhow, i think we’re doing alot to destroy it – not just physically, but on a different level – a level of community.

What do you think about man?
Man has got his work cut out for him. He keeps digging himself deeper and deeper. We’ll see what happens.

Is it anything you have never done but you absolutely wanna do it?
Mountain climbing.

Is it anything you have done but you absolutely mustn’t?
Cocaine. haha

In what do you believe?
I believe in God. I am a christian. I have been since i was 7 years old. My faith plays a huge part in my work. God is my motivation for doing the best that i can do in everything that i do.

Where do you hide your money when you stay in a hotel?
Never had to do it! hhaha.

What kind of tools do you use at work?
Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Illustrator CS, my mouse.

Where do you take your inspiration from?
My main inspirations are from nature, my interactions with people, and the beauty and ugliness of the world around me.

Which are your favourite websites?
Mad props to designiskinky.com, styleboost.com, and MYSPACE.COM! Hopefully that will land me a sponsorship. haha.

Tell us your typical working day
Well I try to keep my work day at a 9-5 everyday. I do my scheduled work, take a lunch break, go back to work, then close shop around 5. Sometimes there are those nights where i’ll have an idea and it wakes me up! haha.

Which are the first three things you keep near your computer?
I keep my digital camera, my bible, my cell phone.

Do you wash your hands after have been in toilet (WC)?
YES! OF COURSE! hahaha

Which is the imprecation or the curse you use most?
I’ve been known to cuss. Not alot. But when I’m mad the F-BOMB comes out. haha. for those of who don’t know what the F-BOMB is…its F***. haha.

Do you like to praise or insult anybody?
No, neither. I appreciate good work and i don’t appreciate unoriginal or bad work. I don’t let it be known though. People are all individuals and I am not the most renowned critic in the world. So i’m pretty sure most of the time, my opinion wouldn’t matter.