I’m a 23 year old Canadian guy that likes to draw a lot. Most of my work is for the gallery or the street, but I do a little bit of paid design work.
I have a statement. That statement goes a little like this: I document the flora and fauna that will populate this planet millions of years after the extinction of the human race. My statement is only one sentence, but I like it that way.

Name: Nicholas
Surname: Di Genova
NickName: Medium
Website: http://www.mediumphobic.com
Age: 23
Nationality: Canadian

Whom is it useful what you do?
Lots of different people seem to be interested, it used to just be young dudes like me that were into it, but since I’ve started showing in
galleries, all sorts of people are into it. At my last show, some of the people who came were 16, some were in their 60’s. Its a great feeling!

Which is your favourite season?
I like the fall, not too hot, not too cold, all the leaves look nice.

Does it coincide with your most productive period?
This fall is pretty productive, but useually the summer is my most productive season, cause I’m fresh out of school.

Blondes or dark hair girls?
Any girl that will give me the time of day sadly enough… No, no, thats the way I used to think, i have a girlfriend now with black hair, so i would say…dark.

What do you do to pay your lease?
I make and sell paintings. I’m also starting up a book publishing company, which will feature the work of character-driven graphic artists… although I doubt it will make me any bling.

What time do you get up in the morning?
between 7:00 and 7:45, depending on what I did the night before. Once every few weeks I wake up and its 3:00 pm, and I think: “…what happened…”

What kind of music do you prefer listening?
Lots of different stuff, mostly punkrock, but some hip-hop and old trip-hop as well…

What do you think about politics?
That the more I learn, the more unhappy I become.

What do you think about planet Earth?
That it won’t exist in another 100 years. The planet is an old women, and she has a fairly serious infection. She might still exist in 100 years I guess, but she will be a corpse.

What do you think about man?
That we are that infection, sadly enough. Damn, I’m getting all depressing on everyone, i swear I’m a happy guy!

Is it anything you have never done but you absolutely wanna do it?
Taken up BMXing, raise children, been on a plane, yup thats right, I’ve never been on a plane.

Is it anything you have done but you absolutely mustn’t?
I broke into a car once a very very long time ago, that was really low too, but I was like 14 years old…really stupid… but I don’t do stupid stuff like that anymore.

In what do you believe?
That friends and family are infinitely more important than fame and money.

Where do you hide your money when you stay in a hotel?
When I go to another city, I generally sleep in a park, so I tape it to my crotch, inside my underware…sick, I know…

What kind of tools do you use at work?
Very small pens, very small paint brushes, animation paint, waterproof ink, and mylar, for the gallery stuff. For the street stuff, stickies, wheatpaste, and alcohol-based markers.

Where do you take your inspiration from?
Everything. The comics I buy, the movies and cartoons I watch, the biology books I read, the music I listen to, the history channel. Lots of stuff, I read a lot, and watch a lot of movies, when I am in the studio.

Which are your favourite websites?
the woostercollective is my street art bible. I like Design is Kinky, Pictoplasma,
and the google image search. I don’t really surf the net much. I go to the studio around 8am and get back no earlier than midnight, and I have no computer in my studio.

Tell us your typical working day.
I wake up between 7am and 7:45, grab a shower, and leave the house as soon as possible. I get a coffee on the way to the studio.
I work until around 2pm, get lunch, work until around 8pm, get dinner, and work back in the studio until around midnight. If I have to stay really late, I just sleep on the studio floor, but I do that as little as possible. As you can see, I don’t have much of a life. Thursday or Fridays I might go to a party or an artshow, to see some other human beings.
Monday nights are half-price drinks at the pub across the street from my studio, so i get trashed on mondays now and then…

Which are the first three things you keep near your computer?
Dirty coffee cups, a pack of smokes, and a stack of videos, cause I always have a movie playing while I am at the computer.

Do you wash your hands after have been in toilet ?
Yup, always! Usually with soap too!

Which is the imprecation or the curse you use most?
Fuck this. Not in a sexual way, in a pissed off way.

Do you like to praise or insult anybody?
I give praise when someone deserves it. I try not to insult people, but when they deserve it, they deserve it. Do you mean praise right here? My bestfriend Matt is the best guy in the world, and my dealer Wil has helped my career more than I could ever imagine. My girlfriend loves me even when I fuck up, and I love her for that.
My parents love me although I became an artist, and I love them for that.