Crazy illustrator-motion-sound designer. Soccer-skate-beer fan.

Name: Nuno
Surname: Baltazar
Age: 28
Nationality: Portuguese

Whom is it useful what you do?
Maybe just for myself, but I like to think that I am inspiring a lot of people. Ok, maybe not that many people 😉

Which is your favourite season?
Summer, no doubt about that. I hate cold.

Does it coincide with your most productive period?
Not really, no.

Blondes or dark hair girls?
Dark hair, please.

What do you do to pay your lease?
Work, work and more work.

What time do you get up in the morning?
Weekdays around 9.00 am. weekends later, like 13.00 pm

What kind of music do you prefer listening?
Hip-hop, rap, lounge, techno, metal… It depends of the occasion and state of mind.

What do you think about politics?
I really don’t think much of it. I mean I don’t waste much of my time with it.

What do you think about planet Earth?
Wonderful place to live in. our lives are too short to get to know it all from one end to the other.

What do you think about man?
He’s cool. A litlle twisted sometimes. Other times just plain stupid.

Is it anything you have never done but you absolutely wanna do it?
Kickflip to b-side noseslide.

Is it anything you have done but you absolutely mustn’t?
Get drunk every weekend…

In what do you believe?
Myself. Friendship. I don’t believe I can fly though…

Where do you hide your money when you stay in a hotel?
I don’t. I carry it around in a big bag that says “steal this bag” ;P

What kind of tools do you use at work?
Macintosh, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightwave, Reason.
I’m trying to mix it up a bit with spraypaint and stencils now.
Hand drawing some too. The usual stuff. 😉

Where do you take your inspiration from?
Everything really. Comics, anime, videogames, movies… The list goes on forever.

Which are your favourite websites?
For news: pixelsurgeon, designiskinky, youneedtogetoutmore, computerlove.
For styles: sillypinkbunnies, 123klan, superdeux, buckla, nakd, phunkstudio, volumeone, psyop, shilo, lobo, fatoe, logan, stardust, rinzen, flying fortress and so on…

Tell us your typical working day
Get up, take shower, eat breakfast and check emails, drink coffee, browse for new stuff on the net, work a bit.
lunch: Eat, go out for coffee, check the papers on the newsstand.
afternoon: Work, work, work.
dinner: Eat. Nothing very original here.
night: Watch some TV, play PS2 a bit, hang out with girlfriend, make out with girlfriend, weekends go out for a drink with friends. Well, several drinks… And sleep. Love to sleep.

Which are the first three things you keep near your computer?
Sketchbook, cellphone, toys.

Do you wash your hands after have been in toilet (WC)?
Yes always. Except for that one time, but I was drunk… ;P

Which is the imprecation or the curse you use most?
“You silly person”

Do you like to praise or insult anybody?
I like to praise when there’s reasons for it. At soccer matches I can’t help myself and curse away…

  1. kocore
    Dic 27, 2007

    ma che fine ha fatto suite72?

  2. itomi
    Dic 27, 2007

    Progetto finito, per mancanza di tempo e voglia dei partecipanti.. ho riesumato delle interviste già fatte e mai pubblicate qui.. forse riesumo anche altro, tipo delle belle gallery, ma ci devo pensare, non so quanto senso abbia.