Leopard Transparent Dock

Instructions to have a transparent dock in OS X Leopard.

Leopard Transparent Dock

1. Go to this folder:


2. Right click it and choose:

Show Package Contents

3. Go to this folder:


4. Locate and backup this files:

  • frontline.png
  • scurve-l.png
  • scurve-m.png
  • scurve-sm.png
  • scurve-xl.png

5. Delete the files (enter administrator password to delete)

6. Copy the files from this archive:

Mirror on MediaFire

to the original location (enter administrator password to copy there).

7. Open the Terminal (Terminal.app in your application folder) and write:

killall Dock




No Reflection Method:

to disable the reflection effect type this in Terminal:
(everything in a single line, here it’s in two lines of code due to the column width of this page)

defaults write com.apple.dock no-glass -boolean YES

and then again:

killall Dock

If you don’t like the white borders you can replace them by using the files in this package:


Use the same method to replace the files and then kill the dock again to refresh the new look.

If you want your borders back here’s a backup of the files you have deleted:


Feel free to leave a comment here with suggestions or new png packs you have created. Thanks for the support.



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  1. Thanks for the post!! worked like a charm! 😀

  2. spidey

    hola itomi,
    molto con calma ho visto questa modifica,
    sono riuscito anch’io a farla funzionare senza richiedere aiuto al mio guru (itomi)
    ora puoi considerarla super testata :)=


  3. Stefanie

    This method worked until I tried to get rid of the reflection. It got rid of it, but left the yucky border..and when I did the procedure to get rid of the border..it started to screw up. I currently have the bordered dock but it’s not completely transparent and is a different shade than everything else and it looks ugly. I did back up the original files and deleted everything and replaced it with the old in hopes of getting it back to normal, but it’s not working! Please help me!

  4. the download links for the files seem to be dead, can you please fix


  5. Links now fixed! sorry.

  6. hey there, thanks for this… but i have a problem.
    now my dock is gone. (after killall Dock, it never came back)
    the only way i can get it to appear is by clicking the ‘dock’ icon in system/library/coreservices… then i get a wonky icon in my dock which is ‘not responding’…
    i seem to have accidentally deleted my original backup files…
    can i fix this?

  7. HEy, is there any way to get this back to normal after the [defaults write com.apple.dock no-glass -boolean YES] is typed into terminal… the bottom files didnt work completely and i still have a while line on the right side of my dock

  8. HEy, is there any way to get this back to normal after the [defaults write com.apple.dock no-glass -boolean YES] is typed into terminal… the bottom files didnt work completely and i still have a white line on the right side of my dock

  9. Sure Andrew, just type back the same in the terminal with “NO” at the end 😉

  10. When i write: killall dock it says: No matching processes belonging to you were found. What shall i do?

  11. Put a capital letter to the D of dock Adam.
    I have done what you said itomi but i still have a piece of my ancient dock.
    I have a screenshot.


    In fact that reflect a piece of my application. You can see Steve Job’s top of head in my dock.

  12. @El.20
    I had that too, that bar is made by your web browser’s reflection. Your problem is reflection is still on.

    That white line is because the folder that was posted for those files was a little off. Make a copy of bottom1.png and rename it to replace bottom5.png.

    this entire strategy is incomplete until someone figures out how to change the gray background of the flat style dock to transparent.

  13. thank you so much! great help and looks great!!

  14. I followed your instructions to get rid of the reflection in my dock. How do I get it back? Thanks. Cool site.

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