Instructions to have a transparent dock in OS X Leopard.

Leopard Transparent Dock

1. Go to this folder:


2. Right click it and choose:

Show Package Contents

3. Go to this folder:


4. Locate and backup this files:

  • frontline.png
  • scurve-l.png
  • scurve-m.png
  • scurve-sm.png
  • scurve-xl.png

5. Delete the files (enter administrator password to delete)

6. Copy the files from this archive:
Mirror on MediaFire

to the original location (enter administrator password to copy there).

7. Open the Terminal ( in your application folder) and write:

killall Dock




No Reflection Method:

to disable the reflection effect type this in Terminal:
(everything in a single line, here it’s in two lines of code due to the column width of this page)

defaults write no-glass -boolean YES

and then again:

killall Dock

If you don’t like the white borders you can replace them by using the files in this package:

Use the same method to replace the files and then kill the dock again to refresh the new look.

If you want your borders back here’s a backup of the files you have deleted:

Feel free to leave a comment here with suggestions or new png packs you have created. Thanks for the support.



  1. Jerry
    Gen 18, 2008

    When you say to put the download into the original location, what IS the original location?

    Thanks for clarifying this.

  2. itomi
    Gen 19, 2008

    the folder where there was the files you deleted.. as described in steps 1-3.
    You’re just replacing the old files (deleted) with the new one (downloaded) in that directory.

    Hope I’ve clarified that now.. don’t esitate to ask if you need more help.

  3. juliaen
    Gen 26, 2008

    Ok seems to work fine when Dock is place at Bottom of screen, BUT NOT when placed on either left or right hand sides!!!!!
    Any idea why? Solutions?
    Thank you,

  4. itomi
    Gen 26, 2008

    there’s problably other images for the left and right versions of the dock.. I think you can replace them with appropriate images as already done.

  5. Takaaki
    Gen 29, 2008

    dear Itomi ,

    I saw your idea at Flickr and try to do that …. looks like it works but I still see some dock base …. like semi transaprent bar .

    I did delete all files you mentioned and replaced downloaded one …. Did I do something wrong or do you have any idea ???

    Please help .

  6. itomi
    Gen 30, 2008

    My files are not completely transparent, there’s like a 5% black on the background.. if you want the dock completely transparent you need to edit my images and clear all, they need to be just transparent images 🙂

  7. Takaaki
    Feb 02, 2008

    Thank you , my dock has some problem before thats why I could not do transparent but now I fix it .. Thank you ! By the way , your bussiness card is great !

  8. itomi
    Feb 04, 2008

    Thanks Takaaki 😉

  9. cawe
    Feb 14, 2008

    Hi Itomi,

    may do you have any idea what i have to do to edit your files to get a transparent one? What files shoud i edit? The contents of noreflections- or the transparentdock ZIP`s?

    You`ve make a really great work, perhaps is it possible that you update the ZIP`s to get a transparent Dock without borders and reflections…? I Think that many User are very thankful about this-;)

    Kindly regards


  10. Antonio Moro
    Feb 15, 2008


    just download this zip:

    and use the files that are in the “0%” folder instead of the one into the “10%” one.
    Those files are completeley transparent.

    enjoy 😉

  11. François
    Feb 20, 2008

    Hello Itomi,

    Thank you very much for the files + how to.
    Works perfectly : my dock is now transparent with no reflections !

    One question remains : All the icons are now surrended by an half-transparent grey rectangle. Is it possible not to have this grey ?

    Best Regards,


  12. itomi
    Feb 20, 2008

    François I didn’t understand this grey rectangle you’re talking about.. can you link a screenshot?

  13. François
    Feb 20, 2008


    Thank you for your answer. You’ll find bellow a picture of my dock :


    Perhaps you know how to remove the grey rectangle surrounding all the apps icons ?

    Best Regards,


  14. François
    Feb 20, 2008

    Oups ! It seems I don’t know how to link a screenshot in a post.
    Could you please go to :

    I’ve put the sceenshot directly on my home page.
    Best Regards,


  15. adam
    Feb 21, 2008

    you sir are a genious. thank you very much

    now if you can figure out how to get the finder bar black for me i would be in your debt

  16. itomi
    Feb 26, 2008

    eheh thank you adam 🙂

    for the finder bar.. you can leave it transparent and add a black bar at the top of the desktop wallpaper.. it will not be black.. but at least dark 😉

  17. miggy
    Mar 08, 2008

    how will i put it back to normal

  18. itomi
    Mar 09, 2008

    @miggy just re-do the procedure with your backupped files instead of the one you dowloaded here.

  19. nathan
    Mar 14, 2008

    This works great! Thanks for your work. I miss ClearDock, since it’s only for Tiger, but with your method at least I get to do a bit of tinkering 🙂

  20. Darren
    Apr 06, 2008


  21. Michael
    Apr 08, 2008


    Well done! having used Transparent Dock and Clear Dock yours works great. Still thinking of losing the mirror look but will enjoy what I have for now.

    Can you do the same for the tool bar on top of the desktop screen?

    Kind Regards


  22. itomi
    Apr 09, 2008

    @Michael: you can disable the translucent Menu Bar in the “Desktop & Screen Saver” section of the System Preferences: there’s a check box at the bottom of the “Desktop” tab. This has been included with the last OS update (10.5.2)

  23. Michael
    Apr 09, 2008

    Thanks itomi, but I wanted it completely gone so all you see is the icons and text.

    Is this possible?

  24. itomi
    Apr 10, 2008

    I don’t think that’s possible Michael.. sorry

  25. hello1
    Mag 23, 2008

    just thought i mention might be a good to REPAIR PERMISSIONS after you modify the files


  26. ron cooper
    Giu 30, 2008

    The transparent dock does not work on my G5 osx 10.5.3


    I have done the procedure 6 times.

    It worked on my MacBook Pro.??


  27. Ryan
    Lug 01, 2008

    Not that I plan on changing back to the original dock, but if I ever wanted to, do I just replace the files you made with the originals again? Also, does using your dock instructions cause “Dock Remove.command” to appear in Finder>Macintosh HD?

  28. itomi
    Lug 01, 2008

    @Ron: I really don’t know.. that’s weird

    @Ryan: yes, just backup the original files and replace em again. And no, that “Dock Remove.command” file is not generated by this method.

  29. Chris
    Lug 12, 2008

    Itomi, when I replace the five files with my original pieces and use the terminal command my dock still stays transparent. Have any ideas how to get the dock back to looking like it did originally? Transparent is nice but now I would like to put it back the way it was…. hmm. Any thoughts.

  30. itomi
    Lug 13, 2008

    have you disable the no-reflection? use this command:

    defaults write no-glass -boolean NO

    then kill the dock to restart it

  31. Micah
    Lug 15, 2008

    I got the dock to be clear but when I run the non reflection code (defaults write no-glass -boolean YES) to make the reflection of the application icons go away, the dock turns to a dark grey box, is this correct? I just want the dock to be completely clear with no reflections from the application icons. Thanks in advance

  32. Bob
    Lug 16, 2008

    Thanks for doing this. The tasteless stock Leopard dock forced me to learn something about the inner workings of the OS, and you have been a good teacher. And using you method, I also modified the indicator files for better visibility. Kind of reminds me of the old RezEdit days. A nice feeling to take back some control.



  33. itomi
    Lug 16, 2008

    @ Micah: Use the set of graphics I’ve created to replace the default grey of the system, just follow the process described in the post.

  34. itomi
    Lug 16, 2008

    @Bob: I know the feeling 😉 thanks

  35. Micah
    Lug 16, 2008

    great! thanks, I hated that ugly dock from day one, great job.

  36. Thomas
    Lug 23, 2008

    Hey ! Thanks for the dock and the tutorial ! Really helpful.

    But I still have an issue : I want to enable the no-reflection thing, but when I enter the code line defaults write no-glass -boolean YES, and kill the dock, it just switches it to the 2D dock Tiger Style.

    I want to keep the 3D dock with no reflection, how’s that possible ? I’ve also entered defaults write no-glass -boolean NO but none of these two codes work to disable dock reflections.

    Any clue ?

  37. itomi
    Lug 23, 2008

    @Thomas: no sorry it’s not possible 🙁 you can’t have the 3D dock without the reflections 🙁

  38. Thomas
    Lug 27, 2008

    Ok ! Thanks for you answer, great job anyway 🙂

  39. Miles
    Ago 02, 2008

    Firstly this is great! thanks! Apart from one thing….
    As posted by Bob in a previous post, I too am applying the no reflection command but it is leaving me with a dark grey box behind the icons. I have replaced the files bottom1-5.png with the files supplied by your good self, but to no result 🙁 I even opened the file in photoshop and gav them each a 25% white fill and this resulted in a thick white border being displayed, but the dark grey back ground remained… Do you, or anyone know specifically which png file makes up the background behind the icons of the dock?
    Thanks for a great tutorial though!

  40. Miles
    Ago 02, 2008

    sorry it wasn’t bob, it was micah and francois who habe previously mentioned it…

  41. itomi
    Ago 02, 2008

    @Miles: I haven’t find a way to clear the backgroud too.. sorry..

  42. Ansar
    Ago 14, 2008

    ok so I got the dock to go away and then i tried the no reflection procedure and now for some reason, behind my dock is just original black box (without the scurve.png files) and my computer wont let me delete the new bottom.png files. So i cant even go back to the original setting and try the whole thing again.
    Any suggestions? :S

    P.s.not sure if this will help or confuse the matter but, the resources file has 4 of the new bottom.png files and one of the original ones (bottom4.png is the original one)

    Please help :S

  43. mario
    Ago 14, 2008

    @ansar did you backup the original images? copy them back then reverse the command line:

    defaults write no-glass -boolean NO

    as other readers have said, this doesn’t seem to work. i get the side background with no border when i use the no reflection. make sure you backup files. it doesn’t work correctly on leopard 10.5.4

  44. David
    Ago 24, 2008

    This works perfectly if the dock is on the bottom, but I like mine on the left. Someone else had this problem earlier…If you could post some files or instructions on making the dock transparent on the left/right that would be wonderful. thanks much.

  45. Stephen
    Ago 26, 2008

    I found that if you use the following commands in Terminal instead of the manual file copy then the new dock works.

    sudo cp scurve-l.png /System/Library/CoreServices/

    sudo cp scurve-m.png /System/Library/CoreServices/

    killall Dock

  46. shakir
    Set 17, 2008

    actually, i stumbled into your tutorial because i was searching for a solution. my dock became transparent by itself(actually semi transparent) exactly like your pictures. i know it’s a long shot but do u know y this could happen?

  47. itomi
    Set 17, 2008

    @Shakir: have you used applications like Candybar that tweaks the system? maybe that’s why.. There’s also a lot of applications that tweaks the new dock..

  48. metacym
    Ott 23, 2008

    anyone ever come up with a way to keep the dock 3D while on the sides of the monitor?

  49. Bill
    Dic 03, 2008

    I did the defaults write no-glass -boolean YES and dont really like i. How do I change it back to the reflection?

  50. FameGadget
    Dic 26, 2008

    wow, I have tried, it’s pretty cool 🙂