Leopard Transparent Dock

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Instructions to have a transparent dock in OS X Leopard.

Leopard Transparent Dock

1. Go to this folder:


2. Right click it and choose:

Show Package Contents

3. Go to this folder:


4. Locate and backup this files:

  • frontline.png
  • scurve-l.png
  • scurve-m.png
  • scurve-sm.png
  • scurve-xl.png

5. Delete the files (enter administrator password to delete)

6. Copy the files from this archive:

Mirror on MediaFire

to the original location (enter administrator password to copy there).

7. Open the Terminal (Terminal.app in your application folder) and write:

killall Dock




No Reflection Method:

to disable the reflection effect type this in Terminal:
(everything in a single line, here it’s in two lines of code due to the column width of this page)

defaults write com.apple.dock no-glass -boolean YES

and then again:

killall Dock

If you don’t like the white borders you can replace them by using the files in this package:


Use the same method to replace the files and then kill the dock again to refresh the new look.

If you want your borders back here’s a backup of the files you have deleted:


Feel free to leave a comment here with suggestions or new png packs you have created. Thanks for the support.